Buchanan design reader

Since his widely admired keynote address given at IxD11 in Boulder CO, there’s been quite a bit of interest in Dick Buchanan’s ideas and writings. I’ve compiled much of it here drawn from the various blog posts I’ve written the past 3 years, as a starter for folks who want to dig a bit deeper. Enjoy!


CMU Grad Design Seminar (c2001)

Grad Design Seminar Syllabus PDF

Grad seminar diagrams and lessons


Essays & Keynotes

Emergence 2007 keynote

Design & Organizational Change PDF

Branzi’s Dilemme: Design in Contemporary Culture PDF

Good design in the digital age

Human Dignity and Rights PDF

Origins of CMU School of Design PDF

The Idea of Design: A Design Issues Reader

Discovering Design: Explorations in Design Studies


My blog posts / interpretations

What is “interaction design”

The CMU way of design thinking (p1)

The CMU way of design thinking (p2)

Design thinking = rhetorical thinking

The product as argument

What is a product?

Core ideas of design

Core design abilities

Ultimate purposes of design

On human dignity

Rhetorical definitions and design



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