More initial thoughts to IxD11 talks

Just some add’l thoughts spinning off of the last day of the conference, excluding the afternoon sessions and closing keynote which I had to miss due to my flight–sorry!

* The “neuroscience of usability” was much more about the brain science of patterns which was wonderful to hear after a couple days of somewhat “pattern-bashing”. And I wonder why– apparently females are more tuned to patterns than males (per Brenda Laurel) haha! But the chemical reaction relation (ahem, dopamine) gives further validation to the positive value of patterns, providing familiarity at an almost sub-conscious level of engagement. Hmm!

* Loved @globalmoxie’s talk emphasizing the value of complexity–it’s actually necessary to live a rich and diverse life! He sussed out the issue of complicated vs complexity, per Don Norman. Entertaining and filled with vivid examples, a great talk.

* Per an essay @Trenti wrote awhile back, it’s OK to make people think! Helps enable mastery of a tool, gain pride/achievement, etc.

* Also very much enjoyed @adamconnor’s talk relating film-making technique to interaction design–again referencing the value of movie patterns (ahem) used in silent classics to modern hits to convey emotion.

* Annotating wireframes and flows with the emotional states/values of users and systems–very cool! Helps get emotional empathy back into system diagrams. Adds that humanizing element…

* Movies, storyboards, scenes, direction, choreography: all have direct bearing upon designing interfaces and interactions. We can learn TONS from studying movies.

* I’d like to propose film-making or drama as a mandatory class for designers.

* The WinMo7 case study by MSFT was great. Loved the theme of “personal connected relevant” as a driver for a radically different UI and experience. Felt authentic, not just “cooked up” for marketing.

* Healthcare UI is a vital and deadly serious issue we should all be concerned about. Indeed, we rarely discuss “death” but it’s a profound matter. No kidding!

* Clarity, functionality, and yes even aesthetic charm/beauty/character have a place in healthcare design. It’s about humanity! (dignity, per Buchanan)

* Gamification of apps…hmm! Interesting ideas. Not just gimmicky badges and points but really about tapping internal motivations with extrinsic bennies. Basic behavioral economics, i think? Good stuff!

* Brenda Laurel keynote: nice historical survey of IxD, with compelling calls to action (especially for female entrepreneurs–we need more!! ) ending with a touching moment speaking to our collective humanity and planetary consciousness. Inspirational for many.


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