Latest design readings…

So here’s what I’ve been reading lately on my iPad (thanks to the Kindle App ;-)


• ReWork: a brief passionate manifesto by the 37Signals folks, expressing their philosophy of work. It’s fun and catchy and brilliant, although not necessarily appropriate for everyone or every project situation…but a great short read!


• DRiVE: another fun insightful book by Daniel Pink, author of A Whole New Mind, which I enjoyed. Delves into some new theories of human behavioral motivation, contradicting long-held assumptions about extrinsic vs intrinsic rewards, etc.


• Design-Driven Innovation: really good survey on the value of “design-driven” approaches and the primacy of creating meaning when striving for game-changing products/services. (that’s a lot of participles ;-)


• Change by Design: by Tim Brown, CEO of IDEO. Nice summary of “design thinking” from his worldview of leading a global innovation firm. The money quote: “Design thinking relies on our ability to be intuitive, recognize patterns, construct ideas with emotional value, to express ourselves in media other than words or symbols”…lots more!



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