Good design links

Just sharing a few notable links that caught my eye (and mind) recently…Enjoy!


• Dan Saffer’s online interview with Want magazine: A bit long but filled with interesting thoughts ranging from personable robots to “designing for the Long Wow” to gestural/touch languages. Highly recommend taking the time to read and view the video!


• Marty Cagan’s Open Letter to the design community: Again, a bit lengthy but some valuable insights and lessons shared on truly getting good design done effectively within complex, corporate environments. There are some possibly controversial points, perhaps, going against the grain of typical canonical UCD thinking, but in my view speaks quite accurately about the pragmatics of design issues like… prototyping, design deliverables, exec engagement, and of course job titles/roles/duties.


• Why SaaS companies suck at making usable products: An informative summary of reasons why many SaaS enterprise offerings are dreadful in terms of usability, with recommendations for how to alleviate the pain. (much of it inspired by Steve Krug’s popular usability guidebooks)


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