Good design books…

Just quickly summarizing some of the better design books I’ve picked up in the past year into one single post for easier reference to friends and colleagues. Highly recommend each of these for different purposes, largely around the notion of “design thinking” and “design culture” and getting non-design stakeholders (like PM’s, VP’s, Eng Directors, etc.) into the vibe of what design is about as a practice and profession. Enjoy!

>> Innovation X by Adam Richardson : nicely practical articulation of “wicked problems”, proposing a methodology for tackling such problems, as opportunities for breakthrough competitive innovation

>> The Designful Company by Marty Neumeier : compact nifty exploration of design culture, how to get “design mindfulness” into your company’s DNA at a strategic level, impacting people/process/attitudes/behaviors, etc.

>> A Fine Line by Hartmut Esslinger : a good easy read about the Frogdesign founder’s journey as a designer, filled with lots of anecdotes about the power of design, conveying just how difficult “good design” is to achieve, but with wonderful results if you stick through the journey.

>> Do You Matter? by Robert Brunner : an inspiring read with great anecdotes and quotes about the value of design in product development, with examples from across the board: ikea, target, OXO, samsung, etc.

>> Inside Steve’s Brain by Leander Khaney : not your usual gossip book about Steve Jobs, this is a brilliantly compact look into the business strategy and tactics that underline Apple’s success. Excellent lessons summary at the end of each chapter.

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