UI pattern collections

Pulling together various online user interface pattern libraries into one place for folks to link to and use for their projects. Enjoy!

>> flickr set by FactoryJoe : fantastic sets of screenshots from modern recent websites, apps, etc. highly rec!!

>> Smashing Mag’s UI Pattern Lib article

>> 43 essential controls for web apps by Theresa Neil

>> Designing Interfaces by Jenifer Tidwell (based upon her book)

>> Designing Web Interfaces by Bill Scott (based upon his book)

>> RIA screen design patterns by Theresa Neil

>> Ultimate Guide to Table UI Patterns by Janko (Theresa Neil has a follow-up)

>> Yahoo Pattern Library

>> UI Patterns.com

>> UI Patterns.net

>> Welie

and lastly (sigh) Quince. Why do I sigh? It requires Silverlight 3 (here’s the plain HTML site), and in my view is a mess of interface design: visuals, information design, and the various interactions. Clearly built by (MSFT?) geeks for geeks in a pastiche manner. But it is a popular aggregator of UI patterns which are useful, that can’t be denied.

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