UI design, simply explained

From IHT: There’s a name for this: user interface design, or UI for short. Its goal is to ensure that all of us can use digital devices simply and intuitively, regardless of how techno- savvy we are. As we’re spending more and more time with digital products, UI is becoming one of the most important […]

Rich UX Crib Sheet

This posting is meant to serve as a practical follow-up to the more reflective, academic article I recently published on boxesandarrows about designing for a rich user experience. This is a “crib sheet” summarizes the main points of that article, with links to resources to help the dedicated UI designer who strives to craft a […]

Gotta be specific…

Simply saying “it doesn’t feel right” isn’t sufficient feedback when reviewing a design with a manager or prototyper or engineer (much less so for other peer designers). It’s just a recipe for communication breakdown, with misinterpretation and ambiguity creating problems of what was really meant. Gotta be specific–is it the spacing, the layout, the color, […]

MDI vs SDI: The Real Scoop

Surprisingly this is something that is not clear for most designers, although the concepts have been around since late 80’s/early 90’s and often bandied about in professional tones of mastery–Only to be humbled by realizing the fallacies! Also this is not something exactly taught in design school (ahem). However, here’s the basic breakdown of what […]

Design for the Other 90%

From IHT: The numbers seem nutty. There are 6.5 billion people on this planet, 90 percent of whom can’t afford basic products and services. Half of them, nearly three billion people, don’t have regular access to food, shelter or clean water. Yet whenever we think, or talk, about design, it’s invariably about something that’s intended […]