Jobs on Entrepreneurship

And a few words from Jobs on the hardcore challenges of being an entrepreneur, also circa 1995: I get asked this a lot and I have a pretty standard answer which is, a lot of people come to me and say “I want to be an entrepreneur”. And I go “Oh that’s great, what’s your […]

Steve Jobs on Organizations

A small departure from studio-based lessons from Andrei…now let’s hear what Jobs says about organizations vs. start-ups, circa 1995: One of the things that happens in organizations as well as with people is that they settle into ways of looking at the world and become satisfied with things and the world changes and keeps evolving […]

Consistency vs. context

It’s vital for UI elements to be consistent across different parts of an application, so as to improve learning curves, encourage familiarity, ease of use and recall of how to use. However, if a particular part of the application requires a different visual treatment or UI element or behavior due to the nature of the […]

The box exercise

Not to be confused with the “box model” of CSS layouts, but somewhat indirectly connected later on in the UI process, the box exercise is foremost a collaborative method of organizing information into potential layouts that can serve as a baseline for photoshop-level comps/explorations. The method connects two traditional but typically separate activities that seemingly […]

What is a pixel anyway?

An abbreviation of “picture element” but so much more! Basically it’s a mathematical abstraction, not simply a “dot on the screen”, as one may mistakenly presume. Nor does it have a physically determinate size, since it’s size is dependent upon many factors, including screen resolution of the display device. This can become very metaphysical very […]