Apple’s signature values

Recently Apple introduced this rather emotionally poignant TV commercial, presumably as a salvo against intensifying pressure from competitors:

It is a summary of the core values of Apple as a company, brand, and hallmark of savvy consumer innovation expressed in vivid human storytelling of vignettes that capture the “love” for Apple as an embodiment of what’s next, yet what’s familiar and desirable, woven into daily lifestyle.

CEO Tim Cook cited this ad as a statement of Apple’s values (a visual manifesto, even) but also re-affirmation of their signature, “Designed by Apple in California.” (He left out the “Manufactured in China” part, but hey that’s another post for another day ;-) The ad is quite powerful and worth studying a bit. Yet again Apple fights “tech specs” with emotional appeal.

(Update: Apparently this particular ad has been rated as a “flop” with viewers. Hmm.)

Apple also released this beautifully expressive typographic motion piece conveying the same ideas with perhaps more design-centricity for a particular audience, UI design geeks ;-) This is definitely worth a few viewings and studying as well.

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