Summer 2011

It’s been a long while since my last post, almost two months! gasp. Been a very hectic time at Citrix with our recent Synergy customer conference and some new releases. But I’m always thinking of design issues and topics!

Here are a few upcoming topics I intend to write about soon:

• Why designers dislike A/B testing (from a designer’s own mouth ;-)
• What it really means to be a design “catalyst” (not a slick job title)
• Emotion / Beauty / Soul : what’s the relationship?
• UI design “genres” and “standards”
• Creating the “spaces and flows” of design innovation
• Fundamental truths of design (oh yes!)
• Design mentoring: tips/lessons/challenges
• Business model innovation & UI design
• Designing values, culture, leadership

(whew! consider this my tasklist for the next few months)

Also this summer I’ll be speaking at Hacker Dojo in Silicon Valley, at HCI International in Orlando, and helping organize another Citrix Design Summit this fall. A few talks from notable thinkers for the Citrix Design Salon coming up. And I’m participating in the Stanford “Design Thinking” boot camp with several other Citrites. And gearing up for another CodeCamp presentation this fall on good design. Yep, it’ll be an action-packed summer! More soon…

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