I find the personal stories of one’s journey of success and struggle very fascinating, mainly for the various serendipitous moments of path changes that may or may have happened. And how different people make the most of those circumstances, in seemingly superhuman ways…but deep down at the end of the day, they are all just regular folks like us trying to live a good life.

In particular I’m interested in those people whose interests and activities relate to creative pursuits and innovative endeavors to better humanity…as a model for our own lives as designers! Below are some links I’ve been reading lately, in no particular order..Mainly from The New Yorker.

>> James Dyson (inventor/entrepreneur)

>> Zaha Hadid (architect)

>> Shigeru Miyamoto (Nintendo game designer)

>> Chuck Jordan (ex-car designer)

>> John Sculley (ex-Apple CEO)

>> Millard Drexler (Gap, J.Crew CEO)

>> Tomas Maier (fashion designer)