I’ll be speaking at the annual Silicon Valley CodeCamp next month on a couple topics: Fundamentals of good UI and how to work with a designer.

First is my standard “stump speech”, if you will, covering the fundamental graphic design principles that govern the creation of a good software application interface, whether it’s for iPhone or TV or website or RIA app. I’ve taught and practiced according to these fundamentals the last several years for various clients in silicon valley.

1. Dialogue: user | other
2. Mental models & metaphors
3. Screen layout, structure, organization
4. Grids, Type & Color
5. Visual noise, emphasis, complexity
6. Language in UI
7. Behavior: feedback, affordance, motion
8. Multitouch UI’s
9. References (books, websites, etc.)
10. One more thing… ;-)

Second is a new talk that I’ve been meaning to do for some time now, on how to work with and develop a positive relationship with a UI designer for a project. So many techies/devs/PMs seem to harbor diverse expectations that may not map to reality so I’m hoping my talk will clarify things ;-)

1. Typical scenarios: sound familiar?
2. Identifying the need
3. Hiring a designer
4. Critical design skills
5. General design process
6. Main artifacts/deliverables
7. Prototype, prototype, prototype!
8. Big advice on working with designers
9. References (books, websites, etc.)
10. One more thing… ;-)