IxDA 2010 proposals

FYI to those interested: here are the various session proposals I recently submitted for the next IxDA conference (to be held in Savannah, GA next year). They are available for public viewing and commenting, so please feel free to comment. To paraphrase IxDA’s message, your comments will allow me to help clarify, tighten, and otherwise improve my submissions, so ask questions, highlight gaps, suggest extensions or changes, etc. Public comments will close October 1. Thanks!

> Designing an iPhone App using Agile Methods

> Designing the Out of the Box Experience (OOBE): Tactics and Strategies

> Towards a Total Quality of Experience (TQX)

Finally, I also co-authored a proposal with a fellow colleague at Netflix, regarding a group discussion about the merits and pitfalls of data-driven design ;-) Check it out!

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