Basic discovery questions (pt 3)

Set of basic foundational questions to help a UI designer (or user researcher) get up to speed on a project, focused on understanding the core functionality, primary user goals/tasks, and targeted scenarios of use. These questions are meant as a good baseline starting point, and are not comprehensive nor exhaustive!

USER SCENARIOS: A summary of the common “story of use” of the product by the aforementioned typical user

* What circumstances start the product usage?

* What drives the usage? What sustains using the product?

* What decisions happen at what events?

* Where do things happen?

* When do things happen?

* What is the pacing/timing of events and decisions?

* What is the social life of the information? (meaning who else is involved, other actions outside the product that occur, etc.)

* What are the artifacts in the system (or resulting from using the product) and what do they do or indicate? Who else uses them?

* When is the usage complete? What is considered “done”?

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