Design mentoring matters: Kim Goodwin @ ixd09

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Kim Goodwin’s closing keynote beautifully and eloquently rallied for the need for “design mentoring”, not just non-designers, but each other within the design profession to continue to grow and evolve, a virtuous cycle I presume. So much of interaction design (and the broader user experience field) involves a murky mix of methods, tools, techniques, strategies, arts of thinking, and pragmatic issues of “making good design happen”. For many folks, it’s a lot to grok and cultivate on independently on your own. But by sharing, guiding, coaching, learning, it helps both the mentor and mentee, which I’ve felt as a teacher at SJSU, and on the job for clients or with mentors like Andrei, etc. The best way to learn design is to teach and share with others, often on a 1-1 basis, shaping a mutual support structure as well…

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