1 year later…

Wow, just realized that today marks the first anniversary (or is it a birthday? :-) of Ghost in the Pixel, begun with this inaugural post and the following goal, of creating

“the foundation of what I hope will be a regularly updated blog focused on the deeper issues underlying interaction design, and the groundwork for a personal design philosophy.”

2008 was quite a year in many regards (Elections, Economy, Olympics, etc.), certainly personally and professionally as a I traversed a few paths in the field: from Involution Studios to Cisco’s VTG User Experience, back to Involution for a short project for Microsoft, and of course returning to SJSU to teach my fundamentals of UI design course. Whew!

But all throughout I tried to keep up the updating on those deep, profound issues that shape and drive the knowledge & practice of interaction design, per my practical experience and scholarly foundations (notably from CMU). Lots of thoughts that never made it to the blog, but I intend to keep it up in 2009 so stay tuned…

Thanks to all those who subscribe to the feed or even just casually visit on occasion, and of course I wish all readers a happy new year filled with good design!

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