Update: Andrei has recently published a column for Print itemizing three pertinent trends for 2009, which incidentally all involve returning to the basics of good software design: visual reductionism, simplifying interactions, and direct manipulation/feedback/selection methods. A very nice reminder that what’s “old” is often what’s needed for the “new” to demonstrate experiential value.

A cornerstone of my lectures in class, talks at events like the CodeCamp, and my practice at the studio, is a set of UI design principles that shape the crafting of a good interface, and thus a memorable, rewarding user experience.

These principles are drawn from graphic design, interaction and interface design…and more specifically from a keystone document authored by Andrei Herasimchuk at his company, Involution Studios (where I was a senior designer for a few client engagements; also Andrei and I co-taught a UI Design class last year).

I’ve taken much of that content, re-mixed with my own thoughts and perspectives, and created the following PDF– User Interface Design Principles— to help other student designers, and those new to the field get a better grasp of what’s involved in a good digital product UI.


Click the image to download the PDF