2008 accomplishments

What a crazy year with the career/job transitions and traveling and consulting gigs. So what did I end up accomplishing actually? Hmm let’s take a look…

  • Spoke at the annual Silicon Valley CodeCamp about UI Design Fundamentals.
  • Taught a semester course at San Jose State University for undergrads and graduate students on UI Design Fundamentals.
  • Published an article in ACM Interactions on the value of aesthetics in user experience
  • Reviewed a couple papers for CHI
  • Traveled to New Zealand for vacation, took amazing photos and had great food & wine!
  • Delivered executive-approved UI specs for Cisco VTG phone products
  • Started and kept up this blog, Ghost in the Pixel :-)

Whew! Quite a bit done this year, but as usual I had sought to do more. So many goals, so little time. Let’s see how it goes in 2009!

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