As I reflect upon the totality of what I’ve been writing over the past 6 years on this blog, comprising over 350 posts in regards to “design”—from insights, lessons, philosophies, to candid opinions— it’s quite sobering, and personally gratifying. It’s been a wonderful (if at times burdensome) task to articulate what designs means, to me and the profession at-large.

Yet, I also realize that:

a) there are ever more “newbie” designers entering the field thanks to emerging vocational programs like General Assembly (and similar) who never saw my earlier posts dating back several years ago

b) there are far improved platforms for socially virulent communications, with better commenting and “tweet-ability” aspects

One of them is Medium, with its popularity and typographic quality for pleasant reading of memorable stories or critical ideas, across devices & screens.

So, going forward, in an attempt to take advantage of this nexus of opportunity and resurrection of past ideas still relevant today, I’ll be re-posting my “greatest hits” (and most important topics) on Medium, with some light editing.

My hope is this will serve as a much-needed stepping stone towards a collection of essays in some other “medium” like print or so forth. #NotsoSubtleTeaser ;-)

To kick things off, I’ve re-done a few Ghost posts:

>> Me Design Pretty One Day

>> Being a Design Leader