Paradoxes of (design) leadership

Being a design leader is worthwhile challenge — rewarding yet difficult. Indeed, it involves a mix of paradoxical qualities that take practice & effort to master, over much time! Be humble in receiving inputs, yet defend a point of view Know when to say you don’t know, yet project confidence in knowing the path to […]

From ambiguity to clarity…

As designers, we’re constantly being thrown into situations whereby we must help a team — who often believes that having “some screens” will fix everything — go through a (not-so-straightforward) journey of understanding and discovery…and ultimately resolution. We all know it’s not easy and often takes multiple iterative attempts, usually with changing players and adjusted […]

Being a UX Architect

My current title/role at Automation Anywhere is UX Architect — but what does this mean? Titles mean all kinds of things per various contexts to different people. For me and my team, I approach this role in terms of three pillars: 1 – Lead a joint ongoing effort (via our Design Ops team & coordinating […]

Three words for 2020

I’m kickstarting a new tradition to commence this new year (2020) that’s borrowed from my master’s thesis at Carnegie Mellon — nearly 20 years ago! Instead of trying to trying to massively survey anything and everything on a topic, simply select three words as the cornerstone of analysis, the intersections of which form the basis […]