My current title/role at Automation Anywhere is UX Architect — but what does this mean? Titles mean all kinds of things per various contexts to different people. For me and my team, I approach this role in terms of three pillars:

1 – Lead a joint ongoing effort (via our Design Ops team & coordinating with relevant UX managers / leads) to bring continuity & coherence to all our features and products through integrated frameworks, common principles, unified interaction models, etc.

2 – Mentor/coach/guide team members (including junior designers and non-UX members in Product, Engineering, Sales, etc.) in enhancing design capability & overall UX maturity within the overall organization. This is done through talks, workshops, articles, etc. …or even simply taking a walk outside with a peer, offering constructive advice!

3 – Participate in “next-generation” initiatives that reframe & innovate experience models, working directly with executive leadership team members in workshops.

As you can see, playing this kind of special leadership role has a range of challenges and learning opportunities as well. Watch this space for more as the journey continues…