2011 Recap: Lessons learned

It’s been a rather hectic & intense year with travel, summits, workshops, etc. Many achievements “unlocked”, so to speak. However, it’s also good to sit back and itemize the critical lessons learned in the course of all the madness of the past year. Here are my top lessons which I will try to carry forward […]

2011 Recap: Accomplishments

As I look back upon 2011, all I can really say is WOW. It’s truly been quite a blessing, a very fortunate year with all the valuable projects, fabulous people, delightful travels, and other activities that transpired this past year. Here are a few highlights listed below, in no particular order: Planned, coordinated, and led […]

It’s a design thinking workshop when…

I’ve been very fortunate this year to have experienced several different “design thinking” workshops, variously sponsored by Stanford d.school, Kaiser Innovation, Luma Institute, and Lime Design. Looking back, it’s fun to identify some of the trademark characteristics, which suggest it truly is a “design thinking” workshop… Sticky notes and sharpies galore! With LOTS of different […]

Special preview of “Philosophy of Interaction”

Again thanks to my awesome fans in Denmark, Mads Soegaard of the interaction-design.org site has offered the readers of this blog a pre-release preview of a book chapter which shows how to use philosophical theories concretely when designing interactive products. The chapter text and related HD videos are completely free and available here: http://www.interaction-design.org/encyclopedia/philosophy_of_interaction.html?p=3a39 If […]

Designing is caring

On our last day of the Citrix Product Design Summit this fall we were treated to a lively conversation with Citrix CEO and design champion Mark Templeton who spoke with typical passion and humanity. (He is a wonderfully gregarious and approachable CEO, truly a gem! Never hesitant to say Hi or ask about your family). […]