Some personal design lessons/axioms

If someone asked me to extemporaneously itemize some personally developed axioms (or “pearls of wisdom”) for practicing interaction design, here’s what I would say: 1. Always question and verify your assumptions, dependencies, and expectations about the project, problem, and client. 2. The three duties of a designer: advocate (for the user), educate (the client about […]

The David Malouf reader

I only know Dave Malouf via his role as founder and ardent champion of ixda, having met him very briefly when he visited Involution Studios last year. I personally have no idea about his schooling and degrees and training; but he’s clearly an influential voice in the field, which got me wondering about what he’s […]

Aesthetics for interaction design

I’m in the midst of transitioning jobs but will soon post a multi-part series on the place and value of aesthetics for interaction designers. I’ve long had thoughts about this, dating back to my graduate thesis on beauty as an emergent value of user experience, and subsequent papers for CHI and IDSA exploring the various […]

Buchanan’s service design keynote

Transcribed by fellow CMU alum Jeff Howard from the Emergence Conference podcast: Brilliant stuff, classic Buchanan, hearty words worth pondering for a few days, weeks, years… Thanks Jeff!

Rhetorical definitions and design

The following quoted passage is by R. Buchanan, PhD., from his essay Design and the New Rhetoric: Productive Arts in the Philosophy of Culture, published in Philosophy and Rhetoric, Vol. 34, No. 3, 2001. Copyright 2001, Penn State University. My intention in typing this up is to help those struggling to define UCD, IxD, and […]