Purposes of design

Speaking to the values designers strive for, Buchanan articulates it this way, from the Governing Ideas white paper for CMU’s School of Design: “As conceived by designers, the purposes of design are exceptionally diverse. Some designers pursue what is good for human beings and for society at large. Other pursue what is useful in supporting […]

Core design abilities

Again from Dick Buchanan, in his Governing Ideas white paper for Carnegie Mellon’s School of Design: 1. Designers must be inventive in conceiving the possibilities of a product. 2. Designers must be able to judge which of their inventions are viable in the contingent circumstances of manufacture and human use. 3. Designers must be able […]

Core ideas of design

Straight from Dick Buchanan, as worded in his Interaction Design class syllabus: “Design is an art of conceiving and planning products that are useful in supporting the activities of human beings in all areas of experience. Except in the area of crafts, designers do not make final products. They make prototypes and other visualizations, usually […]

Involution UI design guidelines

While re-organizing and cleaning out my laptop, I re-discovered the interface design guidelines document Andrei and Donna created at Involution for our major client, Agile Corp. This has proven to be a highly valuable document, which also served as the platform for the class Andrei and I taught at San Jose State University last fall […]

Adobe XD design principles

I was cleaning my bedroom closet over the weekend and came across an item I’d received at an Adobe design team offsite back in 2006–a Timbuktu messenger bag with the Adobe XD (experience design) principles embroidered on it. It’s a very nice bag, trendy orange with black straps. The principles are as follows: 1. Simplify […]