Summary of CMU view of design

I’ve written a few posts in the past several weeks so as to articulate the core of Dick Buchanan’s view of interaction design (and design in general) which shaped the overall school philosophy and approaches. I just want to briefly summarize those postings here (since they’ve gotten lost in the WordPress archives). Through future postings […]

Simplicity in design

Simplicity has certainly become the new black, or has been in vogue for the last few years at least, from John Maeda’s concise book of principles to widespread proliferation of the term among blogs, magazines, conferences, an so on. (see Fast Company, LukeW’s postings, or even Microsoft’s publicity for Media Player v11)! Yes, “simplicity” is […]

The machinery of desire

Tuesday morning Steve Jobs delivered his annual Macworld keynote address to adoring Apple fans at SF’s Moscone Center (and those following along via live blogs), introducing the intensely rumored super-thin laptop computer, dubbed the MacBook Air (or “airbook”, as I like to informally label it). From a product design POV, it is quite simply a […]

Upcoming topics

Just a quick rundown of topics I’ll be writing about in the coming weeks and months ahead (in no particular order). Lots of juicy material to discuss, I promise :-) Stay tuned! – design problems as wicked problems – strategy as design (and vice versa) – fourth order design situations – four causes of design […]

2008 Design Conferences

I just scoured the web, and compiled a listing in no particular order of various design-related conferences happening this year, with their dates and fees, as an FYI to those thinking of attending certain events (or just want to know what’s the buzz in the industry). Hope you find this helpful! IxDA Interaction 08: Savannah, […]