Empathizing with engineering

Empathy is an essential element for practicing good design which delivers value for an intended audience or market. To design effectively is to design with a committed sense of deep awareness and care for the that audience’s goals, needs, concerns…from awful frustrations to joyful delights, and everything in between.   This point is also true, […]

Yes, Google “gets” design!

As of this writing towards the end of June 2014, it’s become increasingly evident that Google is now no longer that odd, awkward techie maladroit at the party with funny copycat socks, but has significantly evolved into a savvy agent of design craft (see “Kennedy” and “Material”) and cultural value (see cars, shopping, weepy ads). […]

Current headspace: data viz tactics!

Having been at a Big Data analytics startup for over 3 months now, I’ve been deep diving into a whole range of tools that enable the clear, swift, vivid articulation of complex datasets in a meaningful manner, with craft and integrity. It’s an astoundingly broad, diverse field of opportunity, from pre-fab templates to custom data-driven […]

Oh, SillyCon Valley…

I’ve been a designer in this area dubbed “Silicon Valley” for over 12 years now, having worked at a variety of firms including corporate, agency, and now at a startup. I had arrived fresh out of grad school with the simple intent to gather just enough experience and then move on to other places of […]