Actually, users don’t always know…

Inherent to the design process, “the user” is regarded as the prime source of necessary, valuable, actionable information for making sensible design decisions, captured in a variety of forms, from A/B tests to in-context interviews. However, we should be careful in assuming that users have all the answers or, to put it bluntly, know what’s […]

Framing a prototype for user feedback

While throwing a prototype on the table with little to no preamble to solicit feedback might make for a thoroughly fascinating observational study and examination of human reaction (loaded with critical cultural theory, no doubt), it’s actually not very helpful for the designer trying to ascertain clarity about which direction to pursue. The fact is […]

Learning from heroes and villains

Being a professional designer means you’re always learning on the job, extending and expanding your repertoire of expertise from prior contexts via the current situations as they unfold. Inherent is the notion of being a “reflective practitioner” (echoing Donald Schon) channeling what you’re observing, hearing, and doing into valuable lessons safely stored for future use. […]

A continuum of design engagements

This is a personal “working theory”, arising from various situations with virtual and local teams over the past few years, around the notion of “collaboration”… While collaboration is heavily championed as vital for team and company success, I really see it as just ONE part of a dynamic continuum of team-based social interactions of varying […]

What exactly are you building?

Is it a product, an experiment, or a demo? Let me explain with a brief anecdote… Recently a routine project status meeting (snoozer, right?) rapidly escalated into a contentious spat, with accusations flying about “lack of support” and “not valuing the results”. Whoa! Stepping back from the unexpectedly flared tempers I asked the Dev and […]