“Place” for mobile UX & design culture

Place is a deep concept rich in potential–particularly in relation to “mobile workstyles” and creating a culture of design. Indeed, my own fascination with “place” as an amorphous digital concept goes way back to a pivotal course at CMU taught by Malcolm McCullough on “Place-centric Design”–much of which served as fodder for his landmark book […]

Thresholds of design decision-making

Lately this word “threshold” has appeared in my readings and co-worker discussions. Threshold may be to be a very potent concept for designers to bear in mind. While principles serve as aspirational touchstones and lighthouses to guide a team towards what’s appropriate with deeply held values/goals, thresholds help with the reality of decision-making, gauging various […]

Different kinds of design principles

Design principles are valuable in ascertaining & defining the core qualities of a product/service offering, providing a guide for critical decisions (and conflicts). I apply principles often in the course of my work, whether for a next-generation UI or a “design thinking” workshop for managers. Principles serve as the lighthouse and bedrock, guiding the team’s […]