Watching some technologies & trends

I finally surveyed a large set of links and articles collected over the past several weeks, towards the end of 2012 / start of 2013, about emerging trends and technologies UI designers should be aware of. Below is my brief assessment of what jumped out as compelling, worthy of watching in the coming months…Enjoy! ————————- […]

The value of visual design

To an uninformed or stubborn engineer and product manager, “visual design” (that is to say, the graphic design of an interface with pixel-level precision and accuracy) is merely icing on the cake, fluffy and fun, for adding a certain “sparkle”. It’s not the deep, heavy, rigorous functionality that justifies the product’s existence, thus summoning the […]

Evolving the brand

As I embark upon 2013 replenished with post-holiday optimism and energy (not to mention a slightly bigger tummy!), I’m keenly aware of my own burden in evolving my professional development to the next level. Elevating my profile of being a “principal designer” for a major enterprise software firm towards a industry-level thought leader shaping discourse […]