2012 Recap: Lessons Learned

Well, it’s been a rather hectic & intense year with travel, summits, workshops, etc. Many achievements “unlocked”, so to speak. However, it’s also good to sit back and itemize some critical lessons learned in the course of all the madness of the past year. Here are my top lessons which I will try to carry […]

2012 Recap: Accomplishments

Whew, what an amazingly hectic and crazily productive year it’s been! And again, I’m feeling truly blessed and fortunate to have had some incredible opportunities with a fantastic team to work on futuristic concepts, speak internationally, and interact with design students. Here’s a brief roundup of some big things I’ve accomplished this year while at […]

Some thoughts on skeuomorphism…

This recently came up at work as part of an email discussion thread…Below are some excerpts of my own responses, formatted for public consumption. Enjoy! ———————————— Skeuomorphism is certainly a hot topic in the UX community… but not amongst users, per se. I have never heard a user say the word, or complain about the […]

Designing out of the “failure fetish”

This is something that’s been burning in my mind for awhile now ;-) So, perusing current business magazines, books, and blogs you’ll notice a couple things: the popular, dramatic increase in “design thinking” as a topic, and as a corollary, the rise in “failure” being glorified as something to be welcomed and accepted. While it’s […]