Meaning beyond the specs

For someone like me it’s always fun when a new device comes out, whether a new phone or a kitchen appliance. Shiny, fresh, new, with exciting animations and cool interactions. Slick graphics and brand new features or enhancements . And of course, the specs! Quad core to the floor! With the PureVision HD Pro Gorilla […]

Design Panel recap: How concepts drive business innovation

Last week I attended this interesting design panel held at Hot Studio in downtown SF, moderated by Wendy Owen of Hot Studio: Make It Real: How Product Concepting Drives Business Innovation  A wide range of panelist perspectives were represented… from a UX consultant (Lane Becker) to prominent design executive (Kaaren Hansen of Intuit) to design-driven change […]

Discussing a new UI element

Recently at work I had a useful discussion with an eager, yet unsure product team about a new UI element to be designed for a specific aspect of our “desktop virtualiztion” suite. Just wanted to share how I led and structured that conversation in such a way that we didn’t get into “when can we […]

Insanely Simple book review

I recently finished reading Insanely Simple by Ken Segall, the former creative head of Chiat/Day, which did Apple ads (print and television) for almost 20 years. Overall takeaway: it’s a very gushy, “Apple (and Steve) can do no wrong” tone, somewhat gossipy read that tries to shoehorn the notion of “simplicity” in various ways. The […]

Why I returned my iPad mini

My friends and colleagues would agree whole-heartedly I’m an “Apple fan” who loves to wax poetically about the wonderful, amazing products and interfaces coming out of Cupertino–but don’t most designers? ;-) I own several Apple devices (including 3 Macbook Pro’s and this Macbook Air I’m typing on), and still have my original iPhone and original […]