In defense of chrome

I like visual chrome in UI…and I’m betting many designers secretly do too ;-) In the current (circa 2012) mood of anti-chrome dogma (i.e., skeuomorphism hate, fueled in part by recent “lust of the new” infatuation over Windows 8’s informationally ascetic aesthetic–which, BTW is still unproven among users) this may seem like a radically outdated […]

Bumper sticker design

It’s fun to re-tweet nifty design phrases we come across while surfing around. Hey, I do it all the time! We find nice  zingers or deep maxims that seem to speak to something we individually or collectively behold. Some aspirational phrase by Jony Ive or stern admonition by Paul Rand. But it’s another thing to […]

What is an educated designer?

I recently had a nice chat with a former design prof about what makes for an educated designer these days. I graduated over 10 yrs ago from CMU’s School of Design with my Master’s, so it’s interesting to look at today’s crop of incoming students and emerging design leaders. What are the expected work experiences, […]

Recap & highlights: UX Australia 2012

This year I had the grateful and honored privilege to speak at the annual UX Australia conference in Brisbane on a Citrix success story, based upon our newly introduced “3-in-a-box” model of collaborative dev (slides publicly available here on Dropbox, 42mb PDF). Below is my conf recap and highlights… Overall the conference was a very […]