Design forum with Norman/Maeda

Tonight I attended a rare and insightful conversation/interview featuring two of the biggest names in “Design”: Don Norman (no introduction needed) and John Maeda (ditto, currently president of RISD). Hmm, star power much? ;-) It was an uncharacteristically fully packed house at PARC’s Pake auditorium in Palo Alto. Clearly, there was a general expectation of […]

Tackling conceptual “fuzziness”

Recently I’ve been involved in a few rather vague, open-ended conceptual projects at Citrix. Hey, it’s fun stuff for sure and certainly quite challenging. But what I keep coming back to is the structured manner in which I strive to collaborate with my non-design peers presenting this mothball of ambiguity for me to tackle. How […]

Design career path schematic

The other day I met with my boss to discuss my “career plan” going forward. Snooze, right? Could easily descend into a boring corporate dialogue, filled with trite, empty jargon and eye-rolling acronyms…blah. However, being a veteran of such drab contexts, I walked in fully prepared, focused on a substantive discussion, by presenting a simple […]

Going beyond the MVP

A popular phrase of late (I think due to the wildfire-like spread of dev methodologies like Agile and Lean UX) is “MVP” or “Minimum Viable Product”…i.e., what’s the most basic release of the product for external use to gauge customer reactions, validations, learnings, so you can adjust quickly for subsequent iterations. It’s a baseline, something […]