Consumerizing the enterprise

So what does it really mean to “consumerize” an enterprise software product? This has become quite a buzzword lately, even spawning an entire conference around the topic in downtown SF a few months ago. Indeed, Citrix CEO Mark Templeton has previously identified “three pillars” that serve as the foundation of our ongoing strategy of design […]

Grokking “style”

Recently while interviewing a visual designer candidate at our office, I asked if he could just briefly articulate the stylistic differences among his samples of icons & graphics–their qualities and attributes, the overall aesthetic character, themes, and motifs. He had quite some difficulty verbalizing this, which was unfortunate. For if you’re going to be a […]

Notes: Thomas Vander Wal on Beyond Simple Social

Recently I attended this thoroughly informative talk sponsored by Salesforce UX at their offices in SF Downtown, led by Thomas Vander Wal, a social platform strategist. Thomas, by his own account has been on the social scene since 1996, including a longtime community manager for a CompuServe forum for lawyers. His professional career trajectory has […]