Some initial thoughts on Metro

Recently I got my hands on the Nokia Lumia 900 running Windows Phone with the Metro UI. Also, through internal channels at Citrix, I got a fairly deep one-day primer on designing for Metro via MSFT evangelist-led seminar and related team-based workshops afterwards. So, I’m certainly ramping up on my Metro IQ! Lots to discover, […]

A day in the life…

I saw this answer on Quora describing the “day in the life” of a product designer at Quora, which got me thinking, so what is it that I do on a typical daily basis? How would I answer that question given my current job duties and tasks and goals? And how would that change if […]

Learning from TED

I was fortunate to have attended the fantastic TEDxStanford event the other day (videos to be posted soon). It was my first time attending any TED event (although I’ve viewed various TED talks online) and it was even more impressive, inspiring, thought-provoking, creative, energizing than expected. There’s something about “being there” live that made it […]

Notes: Nathan Shedroff on learning from Sci-Fi

I recently attended the monthly ├é┬áBayCHI event held at PARC, featuring a couple of talks around “the future of user interfaces”. I was only able to see the first one, done by Nathan Shedroff, currently chair of CCA dMBA strategy program and acclaimed author of Experience Design, amongst other titles. A wonderful presenter and all-around […]

Notes: Bob Sutton on “scaling excellence”

I recently attended a guest lecture at Citrix by renowned Stanford Professor Bob Sutton. Very quickly paced, insightful and thought-provoking, filled with nice stories and anecdotes to help qualify the broader principles Sutton advocated in support of “scaling excellence”. Below are my notes and key takeaways… Scaling excellence refers to spreading “superior ideas from the […]