UX primer for startups (Pt 3): Finally…

Finally…in developing digital products, there’s a range of often-forgotten elements that contribute to the total user experience and can negatively impact a user’s first time (or last time) encounter unless taken seriously from the very beginning. Make sure not to forget these vital pieces, so they’re not left at the last second or to some […]

UX primer for startups (Pt 2): UI fundamentals

Continuing with the primer series, this part covers some key fundamentals for shaping an effective user interface. Each should be carefully interpreted and absorbed (not just skimmed), to help achieve a solid foundation for good design in your product. Applied diligently (and repeatedly), they form the basis for a sound design practice and habit that […]

UX primer for startups (Pt 1): Overview

I’ve recently had the great opportunity to present to a small group of startups being incubated within our Citrix Startup Accelerator division regarding good design practices, and partnership with designers towards product excellence. As part of that presentation, and in subsequence follow-ups, I’ve created a “primer” collecting useful pointers, references, links, and articles into a […]