Starter questions on “personal data”

In light of recent controversies with personal data unknowingly being uploaded and/or shared, it’s good to take a moment to revisit some basics, which may make or break your relationship with a user, beyond the “pretty pixels” and “smooth usability”. At the end of the day, trust is the foundation for a healthy customer relationship […]

Intimacy and arrogance in UX

Think for a second. What’s the most private, intimate information on your phone? Well, ok you got your photos from last night’s wild ragin’ party (I won’t go there ;-) but other than that? For me, it’s my address book, a compilation of phone numbers and email addresses of cherished loved ones (parents, family, close […]

Living the Cloud (talk notes)

I recently attended a couple of events in SF pertaining to “cloud computing” and “designing business models”. Below are my notes… Smart Salon: Living in the Cloud This panel discussion (featuring folks from Sugar Sync, Autodesk, and Smart Design) was held as part of Smart’s regular salon series in their SF studio. Interesting thoughts and […]