Mobile UX Primer: Principles

Mobile UX Principles Below are a set of user experience principles based upon writings and presentations by various mobile design experts, trying to define some core bedrock of ideas to guide tactical decision-making. When in Rome… Leverage platform OS models, metaphors, and elements to achieve an experience consistent with user expectations for that device. For […]

Mobile UX Primer: Considerations

Key Mobile Design Considerations When designing for the mobile UX, there are some key considerations to bear in mind, versus designing for stationary situations like a desktop. 1. Device Know the medium you’re designing for, the various phone/tablet/device characteristics in detail. Make the most of the platform. Mobile devices have on-board GPS, compass, camera, accelerometer, […]

Mobile UX Primer: Intro

Primer Introduction This series represents a comprehensive summary of some core ideas, guidelines, and principles that enable the creation of an exceptional mobile user experience. If you or your team is interested in “mobilizing” an existing desktop/web app or inventing a new mobile app, this offers an overview of what is involved. Then consult with […]


I recently led the design of a new product feature that enables Windows to be re-skinned as an iOS style app. Sounds cool, right? But what’s really cool isn’t the just the UI–which is pretty nifty–but a team collaboration model we affectionately refer to internally as “3-in-a-box”. Getting Product Management, Engineering, and Design all in […]

Thoughts on mobile UX

We recently held a #CitrixDesign summit on mobile design, featuring Hugh Dubberly as our guest speaker to kick things off, with his talk on Service Design Principles. Hugh’s talk superbly and profoundly laid the ground work for our day-long discussion around what exactly constitutes “Mobile” ecosystems of software and service…as well as the future of […]