Enabling a design strategy

Recently I had a chat with a lead designer from another software company, who asked “why have a design strategist?” and “what does it mean to have a design strategy?”. Good questions! IMHO, I’m not totally convinced a company needs to hire a specific role for “design strategist” per se. In my view, that is […]

On design thinking “methods”

The Stanford d.school just published a compilation of methods from their recent “bootcamp” workshop for executives eager to learn about “design thinking”. Several Citrix execs also participated in the week-long course, including my boss, with very positive feedback and desire to help push design across the company–yay! A good step in the right direction all […]

Design biographies

I find the personal stories of one’s journey of success and struggle very fascinating, mainly for the various serendipitous moments of path changes that may or may have happened. And how different people make the most of those circumstances, in seemingly superhuman ways…but deep down at the end of the day, they are all just […]

Dancing with the executives

As a principal designer I’ve had the fortunate (or crazy :-) chance to work directly with our division SVP and company CEO, along with other top folks like CTOs and departmental VPs of Prod Mgnt, Engineering, Sales, etc. Indeed, I’ve literally been “at the table” in major design reviews assessing the business goals of a […]

Design critiques

Lately I’ve been interested in how to shape a positive constructive culture of design critiques at Citrix. Not just “yeah it looks nice” but serious discussion, deeply focused on the aesthetics, but also functionality, information architecture, flow analysis, etc. All those aspects that interrelate and comprise the total user experience of a software product design. […]