Qualities of a mobile designer

Related to my prior post suggesting that we are all mobile designers now, just wanted to clarify what those qualities are. Of course the assumption is that ultimately mobile will become a normal, pervasive, and de facto situation, so we’re all just designers solving for mobile contexts like any other day. Mobile no longer becomes […]

Scopes of consistency

What does it meant to be “consistent”? As I noted in a conf call last week with a VP of Prod Mgmnt, this can be a tricky, even dangerous word to use with certain audiences (ahem) like engineers who take it extremely literally. Yet this word gets thrown about a lot when talking about a […]

Making Agile work with design

I’ve been meaning to write about my own experience with Agile for a long time! Such a persistently hot topic in design circles. After a great happy hour discussion with our peer Citrix Online designers–who function in a total Agile-driven enviro in Santa Barbara–I decided to share some thoughts from my previous Agile engagement. ** […]

We’re all mobile designers now

Having just completed a week-long internal design summit on mobile UX–and attended a very timely talk by Rachel Hinman— it’s become very clear to me that we are ALL in effect mobile designers now, or certainly within the next 2-3 years! Designing for mobile device UI is becoming the “new normal” for a variety of […]

What is value?

This question and topic is totally worthy of a doctoral dissertation or a lengthy cross-country motorcycle road trip with friends while confronting the ghost of Phaedrus :-) But for today’s mundane practical matters of designing a product that is valuable to a target audience, I’d humbly suggest value just comes down to a few basic, […]