Paper prototyping and “truthiness” of design

Recently on TechCrunch one of their bloggers/contributors was asked by a Stanford HCI class student to try out his “paper protoype” of an iPhone app. The TC guy posted a terse critical assessment of that encounter, questioning the value of soliciting feedback from random strangers for a paper prototype. The comments are certainly worth a […]

So just what is “design thinking” (again)?

I’ve posted previously about design thinking more than a couple times in the last few years, continuously struggling to understand just what it is that makes this phrase such a buzzword-worthy novelty among non-designers…and also connect it back to humanistic aims of rhetorically nuanced good design, as advocated by Dick Buchanan/CMU. Recently my thinking on […]

Proposed SXSW 2012 panel topics

Since I missed the original cut-off date for SXSW 2011 panel submissions due to my super crazy work schedule, I’ve started a very large head-start on next year’s submissions for the 2012 confab ;-) Just perusing the list of accepted panels for 2011, there’s quite a few very panels worthy of attending–at least based upon […]

SVCC talk draft outlines

I’ll be speaking at the annual Silicon Valley CodeCamp next month on a couple topics: Fundamentals of good UI and how to work with a designer. First is my standard “stump speech”, if you will, covering the fundamental graphic design principles that govern the creation of a good software application interface, whether it’s for iPhone […]

DMI Workshop summary

Last week I attended a 2-day workshop sponsored by The Design Mgmnt Inst (DMI) on improving our decision-making and concept evaluation skills, led by Jeremy Alexis, of IIT Inst of Design, and held on MSFT campus in Redmond (Bldg 92, which is the Visitor’s Center). Overall not bad, expected more in-depth discussion but got a […]