3 things your customer should say

What is innovation? Lots of things, of course. In one sense, an innovation is really the emergent perceived outcome as captured by three simple phrases your customer should be uttering after a positive encounter with your product/service/system: 1. “Wow”— The well-designed encounter is stimulating, exciting, dramatically new & different, engaging and compelling in some sensual, […]

On Apple marketing…

Preaching to the choir I know, but nice to see it stated…by the founding editor of LifeHacker ;-) “That’s the thing about Apple marketing. They don’t talk about how many gigabytes of memory or how many CPU cycles or how many apps (much). They aim for your heart, and show you how technology can make […]

The value of concept cars

What’s a digital concept car? Borrowed from the automotive world, a concept car is a highly refined and vividly realized manifestation of a design intent, typically bold, striking, compelling expression of where to take a product or portfolio line into the future. It’s a statement of visual, behavioral, and emotional possibilities for an implied product […]