Towards visionary design

What does it take to make breakthrough, game-changing visionary designs that transform human attitudes/behaviors or entire markets? Well in a word, a LOT :-) I don’t have the answers. But my previous post on design readings scratches a bit at this complex surface of design potential. Below are some key insights I’ve gathered in my recent […]

Latest design readings…

So here’s what I’ve been reading lately on my iPad (thanks to the Kindle App ;-)   • ReWork: a brief passionate manifesto by the 37Signals folks, expressing their philosophy of work. It’s fun and catchy and brilliant, although not necessarily appropriate for everyone or every project situation…but a great short read!   • DRiVE: another fun […]

Good design links

Just sharing a few notable links that caught my eye (and mind) recently…Enjoy!   • Dan Saffer’s online interview with Want magazine: A bit long but filled with interesting thoughts ranging from personable robots to “designing for the Long Wow” to gestural/touch languages. Highly recommend taking the time to read and view the video!   • Marty […]

Thoughts from Web 2.0 Expo…

Today I attended the Web 2.0 Expo in SF thanks to a free day pass. Otherwise I probably would not have gone. Why? It’s 2010. Aren’t we supposed to be at Web 4.0 by now? Seriously. I feel that meme has been just so overexploited and grown tired, becomingly effectively meaningless, a typical Dilberty buzzword, […]

Tips for interviewing

OK so you’ve been invited to present to the design team and meet personally with various designers 1-on-1. What should you expect? How should you prepare? Here’s some general tips to help. * Portfolio presentation: Again, show your best work with more elaboration of process and follow-through. Tell a compelling story that presents your solutions, […]