Designing applications for the iPad

Collection of some articles and postings that provide intriguing insights on some of the possibilities and limitations of designing apps for the upcoming iPad. Luke Wroblewski in particular has captured an extensive set of design resources on his blog, which I highly recommend! Bill Scott has also catalogued an array of nifty interactions that were […]

Good design books…

Just quickly summarizing some of the better design books I’ve picked up in the past year into one single post for easier reference to friends and colleagues. Highly recommend each of these for different purposes, largely around the notion of “design thinking” and “design culture” and getting non-design stakeholders (like PM’s, VP’s, Eng Directors, etc.) […]

UI pattern collections

Pulling together various online user interface pattern libraries into one place for folks to link to and use for their projects. Enjoy! >> flickr set by FactoryJoe : fantastic sets of screenshots from modern recent websites, apps, etc. highly rec!! >> Smashing Mag’s UI Pattern Lib article >> 43 essential controls for web apps by […]