CMU grad seminar diagrams & lessons

Ever since having graduated from Carnegie Mellon in 2001 (almost a decade ago! sigh) and roaming across the Valley through various companies, I’ve been asked many times what exactly did I learn from the CMU design program, particularly the infamous seminar taught by Dick Buchanan, former head of the design school. Well, at long last […]

Interaction design summary

From Dick Buchanan’s 2001 essay Design, Making and the New Culture of Inquiry, describing the creation of the CMU graduate program in interaction design, here is the key passage focused on identifying this thing called “interaction design”: Interaction design is the third great field of design to emerge in the 20th century. It combines qualities […]

Before CES: history & cultural criticism

Amid this week’s wanton gadget-lust furiously fueled by fanboys on Engadget and Gizmodo (among other tech-savvy blogs–and yes I admit I frequently peruse said sites for guilty pleasure!), I just can’t help but wonder about the truly historically revolutionary game-changers of the days of yore, in terms of digital interaction design. Bold creations and moments […]

IxD history and expertise

** Interaction Design History — a series of nicely assembled slideshows illustrating some perspectives on interaction and computing history (also of note is Marc Rettig’s slideshow about IxD history) ** 25 UX Videos — a compilation by the folks at Smashing Magazine of various informative, provocative, and all around enjoyable videos of thought leaders of […]