Questions that guide a designer’s path

Being late spring, it’s that time of the year when hundreds of newly minted design graduates join the “real world” of design practice. So what would I say to someone eager to join the community of professionals dedicated to improving the human condition through useful/usable/desirable products and services? Other than some pithy trite axiom, I’d […]

How Apple stuff gets made

A couple of very insightful interviews on the creation of real-world software and hardware products for Apple by third-party vendors: How Apple hardware is born How Apple software is born

10+ best IxD articles

Per a recent ixda discussion thread, here’s Dan Saffer’s list of the best articles for interaction designers to read. And Jack Moffet mentioned a couple very good ones too by Lauralee Alben on the heart of IxD and Marc Rettig’s short history of IxD. I would add this one from Cooper’s Kim Goodwin, on how […]

Data, design…and soul

Following up on the initial posting on Google’s “data-driven” ethos by web designer extraordinaire Doug Bowman, and the subsequent heated debate on data vs. design (on ixda, etc.), another web design guru, Luke Wroblewski has published a beautifully compact articulation pointing out the falsity of the debate (which the NYTimes even used in their article […]

Interaction as perspective, method, and principle

One of the most critical ideas advocated at CMU via Dick Buchanan’s seminar was that of “interaction” as extending beyond mere websites and software forms towards…well, lots of things: products, services, systems, processes, even entire environments. Indeed, going further, “interaction” is most powerful as a perspective, set of methods, and the core basis of human-centered […]