Debunking some IxD myths

I felt compelled to respond to some basic myths about interaction design captured in a recent article on Core77 whereby the author Carl Alviani tries to grok what exactly is entailed by interaction design and how it differs from web design or industrial design. He professes 5 “inaccurate yet specific” definitions, playing the role of […]

Chronicling the Doug Bowman departure

Perhaps the hottest story among IxD professional circles in the past week, since I got back from touring Hong Kong, was the sudden, unfortunate departure of talented web designer extraordinaire Doug Bowman from Google. Much has been written about it, and I have my own thoughts which I’ll share soon (given my own past experience […]

The elegance of imperfection

Just saw this at A List Apart, articulating the philosophy of wabi-sabi in regards to user interface design: The Elegance of Imperfection by David Sherwin A brief quote: The simplicity of wabi-sabi is best described as the state of grace arrived at by a sober, modest, heartfelt intelligence. The main strategy of this intelligence is […]

bayCHI notes: design thinking & unified experience

Last night I attended the monthly bayCHI talk, featuring two speakers: Larry Leifer of Stanford’s Center for Design Research and Kim Goodwin, VP of Design at Cooper in SF. Larry Leifer spoke of “design thinking” as framed by some Stanford projects, and in particular his notion of “dancing with ambiguity” which he described as […]

Microsoft 2019…new yet old.

Making its rounds through the interwebs lately is a concept video produced by Microsoft Office Labs portraying a slickly digitally amplified life in 2019 (presumably thanks to MS technologies), which was shown at the Wharton Business Technology Conference, by Stephen Elop (formerly of Macromedia, then Adobe, now head of MS Business Division). It features the […]