Core77’s collection of ixd09 posts

Good, now I don’t have write a summary :-) Just kidding… Will get to it soon, just plowing through some client projects/deadlines lately. But for now, here’s Core77’s lovely write-ups–Enjoy!

Sustainability keynote trifecta @ ixd09

// Just a quick note // Wow I thought this was really neat: three major keynotes from John Thackara, Marc Rettig, and Robert Fabricant, who each in their own way addressed issues of designing for “sustainability”. Thackara started off a bit dour, with somber overviews of the various “grim peaks”, challenges of water, energy, health, […]

Design mentoring matters: Kim Goodwin @ ixd09

// Just a quick note // Kim Goodwin’s closing keynote beautifully and eloquently rallied for the need for “design mentoring”, not just non-designers, but each other within the design profession to continue to grow and evolve, a virtuous cycle I presume. So much of interaction design (and the broader user experience field) involves a murky […]

Thanks for Dan Saffer’s keynote @ ixd09

Ok a bit overstated, but I’ll just say it emphatically– Dan Saffer’s keynote address Saturday evening at the 2009 Interaction Conference in Vancouver was a nicely compact, inspiring, profound and positive statement of what needed to be said to a frankly (imho) dysfunctional organization that’s been wandering about trying to shape a coherent, holistic identity. […]