IxD thought leaders interviews

Here’s some useful, noteworthy interviews with several fairly prominent thought leaders who are practicing designers, pushing the boundaries of interaction design thought & action: One with Dave Malouf of SCAD, on the new IxD online ‘zine, Johnny Holland. Here’s one with Dan Saffer for AIGA . And yet another one with Dan Saffer here :-) […]

Role of intuition in design

The recent issue of Innovation, published by IDSA, features a fascinating debate pitting two design educators from very different institutions: Cranbook and IIT’s Institute of Design. The overall discussion hinges on “Design vs. Innovation” as its theme, and the differing viewpoints held by these spokespersons and their respective schools. This in fact serves as a […]

It starts with a feeling

So where do novel design ideas come from? Indeed there are many sources of inspiration for creative ideas, both material (like books, films, products, or nature) and immaterial (values, beliefs, attitudes, philosophic assumptions, and cultural origins). Often however, the path towards the discovering of a novel solution begins with a simple yet vague feeling, something […]

Good description of empathy

One of the cornerstone qualities of a good designer, is empathy. Daniel Pink, author of “A Whole New Mind” describes it like this: Empathy is the ability to imagine yourself in someone else’s position and to intuit what that person is feeling. It is the ability to stand in others’ shoes, to see with their […]

A team of rivals: digital product development

The popular phrase of the last 8 weeks, since Barack Obama’s historic election and swift announcement of cabinet picks (in particular, Hillary Clinton for Secretary of State, and keeping Robert Gates at Defense) has been “team of rivals”, from Doris Kearns Goodwin’s best-selling book about Lincoln’s cabinet (which I just started reading– it’s quite fascinating). […]