Focus on paths not obstacles

Just recounting a good nugget from a friend who’s a product manager at Adobe. He recently had the good fortune to participate in the BMW Performance School in South Carolina; so he was telling me all about the skills learned and tracks used, etc. One of the things that stuck with me is how a […]

Challenges to a new design initiative

Per my prior experiences at Cisco and BEA Systems in particular, where I was part of major efforts to establish a user experience program and design process/approach overall… There are many difficulties on the road to design goodness in the corporate realm, but rather than a tedious laundry list, the challenges are best summarized by […]

UI design principles

Update: Andrei has recently published a column for Print itemizing three pertinent trends for 2009, which incidentally all involve returning to the basics of good software design: visual reductionism, simplifying interactions, and direct manipulation/feedback/selection methods. A very nice reminder that what’s “old” is often what’s needed for the “new” to demonstrate experiential value. A cornerstone […]

My blog’s personality

The meme going around lately (at least among IxD’ers) is analyzing the personality of your blog, via Typealyzer. Very fascinating, perhaps inaccurate for some folks. However, for me (and Ghost in the Pixel) I found it pretty darn spot on, marked as an INTJ, which I am per Myers-Briggs Type identification tests from college. The […]

Updated my site with Issuu

I just updated my personal site, the Papers section, with a nifty Flash-based technology from Issuu, which enables PDF files to be viewed directly in the browser via a rich, smooth interface. No more interruptive and annoying dialog boxes asking to download, etc. If you do want to download a PDF, just use Issuu’s nifty […]